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I want people to use their imaginations again.

- F.A.M.E.

Artistically, music is beginning to suffer. Creativity has been traded in for a "formula" and the listener is poorer for it. Now, more than ever hip hop music is seeking a rennaisance and at the helm of this movement are several "under the radar" artists who are striving for recognition. The North is notorious for producing gifted and talented MC's, yet lately they have not been able to make an impact consistently. Here is the alternative.

A lyrical prodigy with grounded sensibilities. F.A.M.E. successfully ties together the street vibe of his Jersey City, NJ upbringing with the worldy intelligence he has aquired through his meteoric rise to artistic relevance. A Graphic Fine Artist as well as a gifted, imaginative writer, F.A.M.E. has proven that his music is an experience to be seen and heard. The highly anticipated release of his new album entitled Hard+Work has had critics and tastemakers on the edge of their seats. With a host of supporters as well as the backing of the strong minded listeners, F.A.M.E. pushes toward a larger audience with every song and performance. When asked what his goals in music are, he humbly but sternly replies, " I want to tour and see the world while making the music I hear in my heart." Stay tuned and dont be afraid to show your support for the artist that some say will change the face of music today.




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