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Ben Famous - THE PROMISE

Ben Famous - THE PROMISE


Exiled from Jersey City, NJ, into the outskirts of Georgia, Ben Famous remotely traded files with Bronx Native, O'ryan 87, who provided production and vocal mixes over a span of two years. When the album began to take a more complete form, David King, based in Maryland, joined the creative process and provided complementary production, vocals and valuable creative input. In its final phase, Ted Clayton, another Bronx native was called to bring in finishing touches and mastering. This cooperative effort between these four creatives resulted in the fourth studio album by Ben Famous...The Promise.

Creative Director / Ben Famous
Executive Producer, Mixing / ORyan87
Producer, Vocals / David King
Mastering / Ted Clayton

Ben Famous - Megatron Bombs

Megatron Bombs

Transformers samples slathered across dirty soundscapes help narrate a bleek change in outlook and a coming of age aggressive tone. Witness the birth of a new artist.

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